Night Sweats: Beat the Heat with BHRT

Posted by Dr. Richard Brandon

Wed, Jan 20, 2016 @ 08:00 AM

Night Sweats: Beat the Heat with BHRTMenopause is something that every woman goes through once they reach their 40s or 50s. It is caused by the natural reduction in reproductive hormones and often results in a number of symptoms, such as hot flashes and mood swings. Another common symptom that many women experience during menopause is night sweats.

Night sweats occur during sleep and typically cause more sweating than a hot flash. Women experiencing night sweats will often find their sheets to be damp or even quite wet with sweat upon waking. Fortunately, if you are experiencing night sweats during menopause, you may be able to eliminate them by undergoing BHRT.

What You Should Know About Night Sweats

Night sweats actually have a medical term: sleep hyperhidrosis. It occurs when the body's temperature increases to the point that it causes profuse sweating and has nothing to do with the temperature of the environment that you are in. Night sweating is classified as a sleep disorder since it is the result of an impairment of the body's sympathetic nervous system and the failure of the body to regulate its internal temperature.

Like hot flashes, night sweats are caused due to low estrogen levels that affect the hypothalamus, which is the part of your brain that controls your body temperature, your appetite, your sleep, and your sex hormones. When estrogen levels become too low, your hypothalamus is tricked into thinking that your body is too hot, which results in the body attempting to reduce the non-existent excess heat by sweating it out.

How BHRT Can Eliminate Night Sweats

Night sweats are extremely irritating and greatly reduce the quality of your sleep. Fortunately, you can eliminate them entirely with natural bio identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Your current existing levels of hormones will be measured through the use of a blood test, and then you will be provided with an individualized BHRT program that also includes a recommended nutrition plan and fitness plan. This will result in an increase in your hormone levels that will eliminate your night sweats.

About BHRT

BHRT is a natural hormone therapy that makes use of a compound derived from natural plants that offers an identical match to the hormones that are naturally produced in your body. The process uses pellets that are made from wild yam plants. These pellets are time released to offer a steady state of hormone balancing related to the deficiencies that are caused by aging. BHRT is a much more effective and safer process than other hormone treatments, which often use synthetic hormones that have been linked to numerous side effects.

In addition to eliminating your night sweats, BHRT can help improve your mental and physical energy, your sense of well-being, your sex drive and sexual performance, and your ability to develop muscle tone as well as decrease body fat.

BHRT can help restore your diminishing hormone levels, thereby helping you to eliminate symptoms of menopause – which include night sweats – in their entirety.

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